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 Mission prizes

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PostSubject: Mission prizes   Mission prizes Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 12:48 am

To be a hoster of a Mission you Must be the Following ; A Chunin or Above in Academy School Ranking (u need to still be chunin + if you created a village in academy), the money comes out of your own pockets. When you make a mission & get some sucker (jkn) to do it you will recieve 1 Quest Master Point for each rank (D- 1, C-2,B-3,A-4,S-5), and the person who did it gets 1 Quest Point, Quest points will be re-demable in the future for Jutsu Points and Ect. The Missions have to follow this payment:

D rank missions are are 5,000 Ryo at least

C Rank missions are 10,000 Ryo at least

B Rank is 15,000 Ryo at least

A Rank is 25,000 Ryo at least

S Rank is 35,000 Ryo at least

All missions must follow these ranks:

D rank - weak opponents, and short

C Rank - Medium Rank Opponents, and Medium Length

B Rank - Strong Opponents, and Long Length

A Rank - God Mode Opponents, and Uber Length

S Rank - OMG OMG OMG to the 6th power strenght of opponents, and Alpha~Omega Uber Long (like the Trial of the Gods)

The experience given for each mission goes as follows:

D Rank - is 100 exp atleast

C Rank - is 300 exp atleast

B Rank - is 1000 exp atleast

A Rank - is 2000 exp atleast

S Rank - is 5000 exp atleast

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Mission prizes
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