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 Village Jutsus

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Arata Uchiha
Village Kage
Village Kage
Arata Uchiha

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PostSubject: Village Jutsus   Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:06 pm

Sand Assassination (Rank 1)
Chakra Consume:40
Formula: Ninjutsu x 4 + 1 turn stun

Sand Burial (Rank 1)
Chakra Consume:20
Ninjutsu x 3

Sand Coffin (Rank 1)
Chakra Consume:20
Ninjutsu x 2 + 1 turn stun

All rank 2 of these jutsus are unlocked at level 10


Sand Assassination (Rank 2)
Chakra Consume:70
Ninjutsu x 5 + Taijutsu x 2

Sand Burial (Rank 2)
Chakra Consume:35
Ninjutsu x 4

Sand Coffin (Rank 2)
Chakra Consume:35
Ninjutsu x 3 + 2 turn stun
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Village Jutsus
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