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The greatest place to learn the way of the shinobi as you roam through the NARUTO UNIVERSE. Choose from a number of villages and clans as you make yourself the best shinobi, or the greatest Assassin of all time.
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 Village Template

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Village Kage
Village Kage

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Character sheet
Village Template Left_bar_bleue900/900Village Template Empty_bar_bleue  (900/900)
Village Template Left_bar_bleue140/140Village Template Empty_bar_bleue  (140/140)
Village Template Left_bar_bleue280/2500Village Template Empty_bar_bleue  (280/2500)

Village Template Empty
PostSubject: Village Template   Village Template Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 7:35 pm

Name of Village:
Element of Village:
Jutsu Type:
Village Description:
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Village Template
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